Cakes and Confectionary

We believe the cake should be the focal point in every celebration! When it comes to designing the perfect cake, or pastry artistry is not only in the look but the taste as well. From a stunning traditional wedding cake to a delectable choc –filled Pastry, we'll stop at nothing to make sure your request is beautiful and of coarse the most mouth watering you'll ever taste. Our variety of marvellous cakes include:

Traditional Cakes

These are usually cakes you'll find in a tin, or easy mix at your grocer, We promise only the finest mix for the most scrumptious cakes yet, making it worth your while to try everyone of our traditional cakes:
- Chocolate cake
- Carrot Cake
- Fruit cake
- Vanilla cake

Formal Cakes

Our team of scultpures, designers and bakers will create you something unique and fabulous for jaw dropping reactions!
- Wedding cakes
- Corporate cakes

Themed Cakes

Our themes include:
- Birthday cakes
- Baby shower cakes
- Anniversary cakes
- Bridal cakes
- Religious cakes

Health Cakes

For Guests with a special dietry requirement:
- Banana cake
- Carrot cake
- Fruit cake
- Almond and Hazel-nut cake

Alcohol Based cakes

Our alcohol cakes include:
- Brandy cake
-Irish crème cake
- Rum cake
- Pink Champagne cake
- Chocolate kahlua cake

Rich Flavours

Our rich flavours include:
-Chocolate / White chocolate
- Vanilla/French vanilla
- Orange
- Lemon
- Red velvet
- Strawberry
- Raspberry
- Almond
- Carrot
- Banana
- Butter Spice
- Coconut

  • Fillings

    Our delectible range of fillings include:
    - Bavarian cream
    - Cherry
    - Cream cheese
    - Blueberry
    - French apple
    - Strawberry
    - Raspberry
    - Guava
    - Lemon
    - Apricot
    - Peach

  • Pastries

    Our delectible range of pastries include:
    - Greek biscuits
    - Florentines
    - Chocolate brownies
    _ Cream puffs
    - Jam tartlets
    - Nut slices
    - Petit fours
    - Eclairs
    - Muffins: Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel and Blueberry to name but a few . . .

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